No fear of customs, the 10 simple import bids

No fear of customs, the 10 simple import bids

Many buyers are deterred from buying items from abroad. (Partially right, but over “black sheep” I speak elsewhere) A main obstacle is the subject of customs. What a pity is, not only because we are partially sending out from China, but because there are interesting things to get abroad everywhere, and because with the customs is not so difficult. So here are a few basic rules (for private buyers in Germany):

1. the receiver is importer and responsible contact for the customs authority

2. one must do nothing, the customs announces itself if he must, and explains what has to be done – quite easy! Mostly comes nothing, otherwise there is a card in the mailbox on the everything stands.

3. everything which is legal, is also problem-free

4. one should take care that no mailboxes or package stations are specified as address, the Zoll does not allow. In addition, your own phone number on the program.

5. In theory, customs duties must be proved by supporting documents, whereby the shipping costs can be included. Important: how to scream in the forest, so it sounds out – customs officials are humans and mostly nice and helpful

6. Articles on the so-called consumption taxesCome, if possible not abroad. This applies, for example, For example, for cigarettes / tobacco, alcohol, perfume, coffee, etc.

7. Many things are duty-free , especially with proper naming, so it is worthwhile to research beforehand. This applies, for example, B. For books or pictures, ornamental objects made of wood or non-precious metal. For example, customs is applied to a plastic statue, but not necessarily when it is an object of faith.

8. What is theoretically always the case is the import tax of currently 19% in Germany, or 7% eg for books, which are not levied if the amount to be paid would be under 5 euros.

9. In addition to travel expenses, there are limit values ​​for which no duties are levied: gifts up to 45 euros, other consignments up to 22 euros, and, see above: amounts below 5 euros are not levied, that is, with otherwise duty-free goods up to 26 Euro (at 19%) or up to 71 euros (at 7%), no import VAT has to be paid.

10. Further information at the customs office:, There is also ne telephone number. In addition, some other or additional rules apply in some cases to traders. If you want to make sure you stick to the above limits, but also there are rare problems, as long as you do not evoke them. This was the most important shortly, so do not be afraid of buying abroad and in doubt just once Ask the seller. The detailed version comes in an extra report.

Have fun with the international shopping, SKAI

Supplement: Still the hint that I am here a few experiences, but not responsible for what others do.
And: also see my guidebook: Import import duties and taxes legally

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