Trend: Import Android smartphones directly from China

On the way to the bargain are however some hurdles to take They are called Jiayu , Zopo , Apanda or Ainovo . Their smartphones bear partly whimsical names and the built-in chips come from companies like Mediatek, Rockchip or Boxchip, which are hardly known in the West. And they offer gadgets of the beginner to mid-range at prices below the $ 200 limit. The way to their property is to be taken with caution, but it can be worthwhile.

Pro and con What are the benefits of a Chinaphone? When you think of electronics from the Far East, you quickly get in the memory by rows of cheap and less resistant toys and inferior-loveless replicas of devices popular in the West. An image that has long since ceased to be true. Poor clones still exist, but are largely confined to conventional phones. In addition, there are also powerful imitations of different smartphones and – more importantly – potent self-products from the land of smiles.

They run with Android and offer good workmanship and powerful components at an almost unbeatable price. In addition, there are currently two representatives – the Xiaomi M1 and the Meizu MX – who play an international role in the top field, but also stand out clearly from the rest of the pack. Even the disadvantages are not to be concealed. If you are on a tablet or phone from China, should be familiar with the devices. The support of dealers and manufacturers is usually limited.

To this end, there is still less control over the working conditions in those factories where the gadgets are manufactured, as is already the case with market suppliers such as Foxconn. Helpful communities Anyone who decides to dare anyway should start his research with research. The search for the right device is sometimes difficult in the endless variety. Here, German-speaking communities such as or offer connections , where connoisseurs, prospective customers as well as early adopters meet and exchange. There you get often after the purchase help with problems with the device or software modifications.

An advantage is the knowledge of the Russian language. In forums such as or, people who also have partial direct wire to China are also humming around. Google Translate and Co do not always help you with technical explanations. Of white and black sheep If the object of the desire is identified, there is a trustworthy dealer to be found. Meanwhile, Chinavasion , Merimobiles , FastCardTech , SpeMall and the CECT-Shop have made a good name. English knowledge is an advantage, since only the latter store also offers a German website and support. As a rule, free mail is offered, which can take 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes longer. If it is to go faster, additional costs for DHL and Co. are incurred.

The device is then also within a few days at the goal. Of course, there are other dealers who are likely to work reliably and deliver good quality. As a rule of thumb, however, in any case, it should be paid exclusively by service providers such as PayPal, who insure their own purchases. If something goes wrong, besides the lost time at least no monetary damage occurs. Trading platforms such as or DHGate should be avoided rather, since these serve only as an intermediary for a large number of producers and it is particularly easy as an end user to get black sheep. Last hurdle: Customs office If the purchase is settled, it is waiting until the good device – mostly outgoing from the freight ports of Shenzhen or Hong Kong – has reached its own home country. But even then, not everything has been surpassed, as imports from many non-EU countries such as China are subject to customs duties and sales tax. Often, however, this does not happen because the dealers do not correctly declare the consignments, which, in turn, makes it impossible for the transport service provider to receive the award.

If you do not voluntarily register your program, you can still get it in a sample. There are two limits when importing electronics. The first is 22 euros. A value-added tax of 20 percent is payable to the Republic of Austria from this value. Above the 150-euro threshold is added a tariff fee. This depends on the type and functionality of the device. If it is a telephone or smartphone, according to the Customs Office Klagenfurt probably nothing to pay. If the device is primarily used for playing multimedia content or performs similar activities – such as tablets – the maximum of 14 percent can again be incurred. These charges reduce the original price advantage accordingly.

Dangerous clones Here, too, is warned against phones and tablets, the branded devices are conspicuously imitated. It is especially delicate when a corresponding logo is attached to the device. If such a piece of land is found at the customs office, in the worst case an advertisement may come from the original manufacturer to the buyer. Even if a phone with an iOS look tuned Android system is a temptation: If it looks like its model from Cupertino, one should do as much as possible. Currently, by the way, the first dual-core phones are entering the Chinese market, some of which cost just 160 euros. We will also soon take a close look at a current Chinaphone and put it to the test. (Gpi,, 04.08.2012) –




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